He Gave Me The CURE!!! (SARCASM)

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I casually ran into a family friend yesterday when I was out with my mom. He said all the normal things you say when you see a family friend… How are you, when do you leave for college, are you excited, what college did you decide on, etc…

(Side note: the college I chose is known for it’s biking and hiking trails, snowboarding, skiing, and other active things I unfortunately cannot partake in because of my chronic illnesses.)

So, when I reminded him of which college I will be attending in the fall, he strongly recommended, “Oh, you’ll have fun there, get out and do stuff! Hike!” To which I politely reminded, I have a heart condition, I can’t go hiking. (Actually, it’s Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome {and other things}, but even though he is a paramedic, I knew he wouldn’t know that that was.) 

Then he proceeded to say, “what heart condition? Don’t let that stop you.”

Oh, I'm a pacifist alright ... I'm about to pass a fist across your face. Angry, ignorant, meme, textpost, punch, face,

At this point, I’m looking at my mom (who has chronic illnesses, too.) and I’m just dumbfounded. So is she.



I could tell my mom was 1) upset with him, 2) trying to be as sweet and kind as possible, and 3) expecting me to blow up at any second. I kept my cool on the outside, but on the inside I was absolutely furious already, and we haven’t even gotten to the good part yet.


My wonderful mom said, “she will do things in college, just not hiking, because she can’t. She has orthostatic intolerance and low blood volume and-”   *HE CUT HER OFF* to say…

“Just cook in cast iron pans and drink water, you’ll be fine. Don’t let that stop you.”

At this point I’m looking around like, is anybody hearing this?????


How did my General Practitioner, Cardiologist, Gastroenterologist, Endocrinologist, AND Naturopath never suggest this amazing cure??!!?

If I had only known that was all I had to do to be cured of all ailments, I never would’ve gotten a handicap placard for my car! Or spent hundreds of dollars on various doctor appointments and medications! Where has he been all this time??? He should write a BOOK! “The Cure For All Illnesses!”

me when people are ignorant picture, angry lion roar
This was me right after we walked away from this conversation.

Obviously that was sarcasm. A family friend, who is a paramedic, made me very upset, and I wanted to vent about it. This was not the first time I’ve gotten comments like this, but this one just seemed particularly ridiculous to me. He is a paramedic!!

Okay, rant over. Comment below the worst comment you’ve ever gotten about your illness!

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  1. I have no chronic illnesses, unless we count stupidity???, but I do often put my foot in my mouth. I think,at times, it is hard for those who don’t live with it to understand what others are going thru. While I am not the person you are ranting about in this post I am sure I have made you feel similar things at some point. For that I am sorry and I truly hope I never do so again. 🙂

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